About WanderFuLLWorld:

Hello, my name is Rio Martin and I’m from the Philippines. I’ve been working in Saudi Arabia since 2014.

I decided to create this blog because I was inspired by the amazing experiences of adventures and travels around the country.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t  have thought that I would be able to set a foot into some of the most beautiful spots in Saudi Arabia. With the help of some awesome people and with some guts of solo travel and backpacking, I managed to explore 12 out of 13  provinces of Saudi Arabia.

From urban city trips, solo backpacking from northern  border to southern border of Najran, couch surfing on Bethrah mountain with a hospitable Saudi host, hitchhiking from a total strangers in Najran, Al-Ahsa and Al-Jawf, trekking on some of  the vast and most brutal deserts, island trip and spotting a dolphin in Farazan, exploring some of the out of this world volcanoes in the country, looking back at times with the archeological and historical places, and be able to attend different festivities around the country. This is just some of the unforgetable experiences and Saudi Arabia has a lot more to offer.

Of course, someday, I’m looking forward at expanding my adventures and travels to different countries, one country at a time whatever it will take.

Just when I had thought before that it would be impossible for me to explore Saudi Arabia, when you believe in something and fuel it with some guts and commitment,  it would definitely bring you closer somewhere into your goal. It has been my ultimate dream to be able to explore and travel this WanderfullWorld.



I’m open to a collaboration of trips and would be very grateful if you will invite me to some of your trips around the kingdom.


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(I’m not a native English speaker, so don’t be so  harsh with me in the correction of grammars and I would really appreciate any constructive criticism.)



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