Mysterious Magnetic Hill of Wadi Jinn


Have you ever heard about gravity hills?

Is it really true or just a mere myth?

Well, I had a personal experience and I wanna share it with you. 🙂

A  gravity hill is a place where a slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope due to the layout of the surrounding land. It creates an optical illusion that water flows uphill or that a car left out of gear will roll uphill. All over the world, there are approximately 104 magnetic hills listed. Luckily, one of them can be found in Saudi Arabia. It is located approximately 30 km away in the north from the holy city of Madina. The place is commonly known as Wadi Al-Jinn. It is a famous and widely visited by thousands of curious locals as well as expats all over the kingdom.

I was working before near in Madina when I heard about this place. Out from my curiosity, together with my Pakistani friend, we agreed for a trip to investigate and experience what this mystery is all about.

Along the way to the location of Wadi Jinn, we spotted several beautiful sceneries of mountains, a small oasis, and camels in the desert. 

In the middle of nowhere, we stopped at a certain spot where a crowd was gathering & somewhat they were pouring water into the road. I’ve noticed that the water continually flows upward despite that the road was on elevated direction.

(Well, Who will not be amazed by that strange phenomenon happening right in front of your eyes?  )

We continued our trip heading to the said location of Wadi Jinn, The road became steeper.We put our car on a neutral gear. Surprisingly, our car keeps on running without even hitting the gas and its speed continually increased.

We reached then the dead end of the highway. The area is surrounded by beautiful trees and spectacular mountain view. It’s a perfect place for camping and unwinding from busy and hectic city life. You can also find a van shop in the area which sells ice cream, perfect remedy from a hot desert temperature. 

I was wandering around, I met a group of local people who were spending some relaxing time in the area and had the chance to hear the version of their story behind the mystery of magnetic hill.
According to them, there are several explanations for the phenomenon of the magnetic field in the place.

  • It is said that the valley is inhabited by the ghosts which tend to push the vehicle upward. Some people who have spent nights at this place claim to hear ghost voices. (Seriously?That’s why we canceled our plan for a night camp out in the place hehe.)
  • Others claimed the presence of magnetic forces present in Wadi Jinn.

For geologist and some scientists, the phenomenon of Wadi Al-Jinn Magnetic Hill is simply an optical illusion of what seems to be an uphill slope is actually a gentle downhill slope. The actual movement of the car is hence downhill rather than uphill. (Well that make more sense )

Remember: “What goes up must come down ”  by Isaac Newton.


Overall :

Whatever may the reason for this phenomenon like having the presence of magnetic field, a ghost or just an optical illusion, Wadi Jinn magnetic hill is simply an interesting place to explore and to unwind from hectic city life. Also, there are several beautiful sceneries that you will find along the way that will surely make it a worth to visit.


How to Get There?

Location : Somewhere in 24°43’21.8″N 39°26’35.0″E  

From Madina City to Wadi Jinn



From Jeddah Saptco Balad Station to Wadi Jinn



From Riyadh To Wadi Jinn :


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  1. Interesting place to visit. I will take a note of it and will visit it someday. Nice article , good job! 🙂

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